How We work


“The Witham Staple Community Magazine, run by volunteers supports and promoteslocal events, services and businesses in our eight villages by providing regular updated information and articles of local interest.”

The Witham Staple community magazine is produced and distributedentirely by a group of volunteers, but with a professional printer.

Each year there are 10 editions, (July-August and December-January editions are combined). The digital version is available on our website. The printed version is produced by Pelican Trust. We aim to deliver by the first day of each month in the following villages: Aubourn, Bassingham, Carlton le Moorland, Haddington, Norton Disney, Stapleford and Thurlby. However, the digital version only is available in Witham St Hugh’s.

How we are organised

The magazine is coordinated by a committee, elected at an Annual General Meeting which is open to all members of the public. We always welcome new members to join us, just contact us.

Editing of the magazine:

PAUL HUBBARD is our Editor and he compiles and edits the magazine each month.

If you want to advertise a community event in the magazine, contact Paul, the service is free. Paul also welcomes articles of local interest for publication but it should be noted that we have rules about the types of articles we will print – see Policies Section. Paul prefers contact by email but you can also phone him. [email protected] (01522)789673

Distributing the magazine:

NICOLA JONES is our Distribution Manager and she ensures the delivery of the magazines.

Nicola has small teams who ‘bag up’ bundles of magazines and to deliver to a large team of people who then deliver to each home on their round. From time-to-time, we need new recruits to help with deliveryand if you would like to volunteer please contact Nicola. (01522)788225 Please remember, The Witham Staple depends entirely on a whole group of people, each prepared, voluntarily, to ‘do their bit’.

Delivery of Magazine – Problems

All readers should have their copy of the magazine by the first day of the month. Very occasionally some households do not receive their copy on time. In this case, please contact your local distributor in the first instance, or telephone the Distribution Manager.

Advertising in the magazine:

CAROLE MARLAND is our Business Manager and Treasurer. If you wish to place a business advertisement in the magazine, contact Carole, email: [email protected] or call 07505 476 917. The fees for business adverts are very reasonable, and the magazine is available to over 2500 homes in the local area – see Adverts Section

Managing the website: Currently, Paul and Carole are managing the Website

Other Committee: Chair ANDY SCEENY (01522)788303, Vice Chair STAN UNDERWOOD, Secretary SUE SCEENY, Committee member JOHN ROWLAND
Andy Sceeny (Chairman) April 2021