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This page selects some extracts published during 2013 that provide a flavour of the prevailing themes.






July /August  





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February 2013


January, sick and tired, you've been hanging on me. You make me sad with your eyes. You're telling me lies. Don't go, don't go. January, don't be cold, don't be angry to me. You make me sad come and see. Oh January Don't go, don't go…”

It’s gone, over, finished and we’re heading on into February already. Yes 2013 is one month in. A lots has happened in the short space of two months, we’ve had New Year, Christmas, snow, frost, fog, gales, rain, floods, some sun and even the prediction that on the 21st December at 11 minutes passed 11 the world would end. Even that was a bit flat, didn’t even disturb morning coffee. All the theories of a galactic alignment causing chaos from gravitational effect between the Sun and the Black hole located at the centre of our galaxy or a 'polar shift', when the north and south magnetic poles reverse but of all the theories the definite one to come out of it all is that someone has to re-start the Mayan Calendar!! See you in March

We love to receive articles from all corners of the community

Local Information Sheet. This sheet gives us information on local groups and associations as well as public services and utilities, where to find them and a contact number.

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Front Cover of Magazine:



This month’s front cover is “Man's best friend” by Sam Carlisle.

Winner of The Witham Staple cover design competition 2012 for 12 to 15 years.


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Lincolnshire Police Beat Team View


Happy New Year to you all.

Following the changes to the Lincolnshire Policing Model last October, Sgt Jon Hammond, the local Community Beat Sergeant, has been constantly reviewing the working practices of the two teams who are based at North Hykeham Police Station on Newark Road. This year has seen the face of the Local Policing Teams change to enable them to rise to the challenges of this New Year.

PC Marc Horsewood remains as the Community Beat Manager for the Hykeham Town & Rural teams, with the Police Community Support Officers moving to their new stations this weekend, so you can expect to see PCSO Lisa Duckworth and PCSO Sarah Lingard in and around your town and village areas soon, and get to talk with them at the various engagement activities this year. PCSO Vicky Czajkowski, and PCSO Marcos Meneses are both moving to Bracebridge Heath Police Station.

As we move into 2013 the year to date crime figures are encouraging, North Hykeham Town shows a drop of 59 less offences of crime and Hykeham Rural a drop of 97 crimes. The increase in series linked crime offences are being tackled by Force operational initiatives, supported by the local policing teams (NPT’s), namely Operation Brompton (Metal Theft); Operation Rothbury (Fuel Theft); Operation Tanaga (Catalytic Converter theft). These have raised the general awareness of the crime in the communities, target hardened those areas seen as vulnerable and last year brought about a number of arrests and intelligence gains.

Two years ago, the number of anti social behaviour offences reported to the police stood at 1010 for North Hykeham Town and 434 for Hykeham Rural. At the close of 2012 the figures stood at 291 for North Hykeham Town and 182 for Hykeham Rural. This is evidence of the continued work Sergeant Jon Hammond and the Teams are completing, working in partnership with NKDC, on problem solving local priorities and taking positive action on offenders.

The Teams hope to improve their engagement opportunities this year, with the aim of a “police face” being seen in the community on a regular basis, with the focus being on local intelligence to tackle local issues.

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There is a Future For Cricket In Bassingham

I am happy to report that following a ‘standing room only’ EGM at the Bugle Horn on Thursday 10th January, cricket will continue to be played in Bassingham, by Bassingham Cricket Club. There was overwhelming support from the people present for the club to remain in the village. Thank you to all who attended.

The club has appointed Phil Niner as groundsman and much support was offered to help him develop Bassingham playing field so that it becomes a sound place to play cricket.

Ben Smith was appointed Captain and invites all new and old players to get involved in the playing side of the club. Net practice starts on Tuesday 5th February at 7.30pm at Robert Pattinson School. Any new players wishing to play cricket are welcome to contact Ben or myself for more information.

A committee of eleven have been elected and are working towards cricket playing an active part in village life. If anyone would like to make a contribution to the club in the form of time, skills or sponsorship, please contact me. All ideas and thoughts will be welcome.

Declan O’Beirne

Chairman Bassingham Cricket Club

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Work to regenerate the multi-purpose play area on the playing field will take place over the winter. The update includes replacement netball posts and tennis nets and introduces recessed football goals and basketball backboards.
To mark the opening of this improved facility (late April beginning of May 2013), Bassingham Parish Council are sponsoring a Village Sports Day. All interested parties (sports clubs or individuals) who can provide ideas or help on the day are invited to a meeting on
Monday 14th January at 7pm
in the meeting room of the Hammond Hall

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Tuesday 5th and 19th February at 12noon in the Hammond Hall Cost £5. All welcome For more details please contact Tom Solven.



The Christmas Dinner was a great success and our thanks to Pat Bryne who did all the cooking, the many helpers and St Michael's Choir who sang Christmas Carols. We delivered three carrier bags of groceries which were warmly received but none to Bassingham as no one gave us any addresses of village folk who might appreciate a parcel. We are now starting a new Bassingham Village Lunch once a fortnight. Tuesday 12th and 26th February at 12noon In the Hammond Hall If interested phone Rona Pounder. This is not linked to the existing Lunch Club which has been running for 2 years.

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Open Gardens and Scarecrows 2013

The theme for the scarecrows next year will be 'NURSERY RHYMES' and we hope to arrange a workshop at the Hammond Hall in March to offer some ideas on Scarecrow designs etc.

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Bassingham Community Options Group (COG) - An opportunity to help shape the future of Bassingham

The Bassingham Community Led Plan (CLP) is your opportunity to help shape the future of Bassingham Village. Be involved in the start of the community consultation process. Find out what is happening next and discuss your ideas with members of the COG.

Thank you to the 92 residents who attended the Community Options Group Launch meeting held in the Hammond Hall on the 17th November. Your valuable and constructive contributions have been very important in helping us decide how the community consultation progresses.

The event had two main aims: to provide information about the COG and the Community Led Planning process; and to start to identify issues that people living in the village wish to see addressed by the Community Led Plan. The event was structured around 7 themes, each of which is a component part of a sustainable community.

Building on the information gathered so far, we will shortly be organising a series of focus groups involving residents and interest groups, supported by a brief questionnaire which will be delivered to households. The information gathered will be used to inform the Community Led Plan which we hope to be able to publish later this year.

Details of COG activities will be posted on the ‘mybassingham’ website and also announced through the Witham Staple over the coming months.

The success of the plan, in terms of reflecting the needs of the community, will rely on the whole community being involved through the consultation process.

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Are You in Need of Affordable Housing?

Public Consultation - Affordable Housing Bassingham

The Lindum Group, Waterloo Housing Group and North Kesteven District Council will be holding a pre planning consultation event regarding a proposed new affordable housing development on

Torgate Lane, Bassingham.

The consultation will take place on

Friday 8th February from 3pm to 7pm

in The Hammond Hall

All members of the public are encouraged to attend the event and give their views to help shape the proposals.

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Stapleford's New Village Signs

Have you driven through Stapleford in recent months? I have! Through the hard work of two ladies - Jenny Milan (Parish Chairman) and her assistant Barbara Cobb the first thing you notice are the splendid new village signs which have been installed. They have also started to transform the green triangular area of land on the way through the village which has been left untouched for many years by Lincolnshire County Council - the owners of the land This has all been achieved through careful planning and discussion with Lincolnshire County Council Highways, applying for funding to support these projects, the support of the residents and sheer hard work and determination on their part. Well done Jenny and Barbara!

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We read and hear of o lot of negative comments concerning the NHS. This is a sincere and factual account of my treatment at Lincoln County Hospital. My eyesight has deteriorated rapidly over the last two years so I was not surprised to learn from my Optician that it was pointless fitting yet another stronger lens in my right eye. A cataract operation was necessary.

I kept an appointment at the Ophthalmic Unit at Lincoln Hospital. My eyes were tested and assessed and I was given a date (January 9th) for my operation.

On the day I was given a friendly and professional greeting and settled with seven other patients in the Day Surgical Unit. A visit from the Surgeon, an arrow felt-tipped above the right eye, then taken into the Operating Theatre. Another insertion of eye drops containing Anaesthetic and the Surgeon, with his best bedside manner carried out his skilful work.

So that was 48 hours before I wrote this article. My eyesight is already vastly improved!

Thank you to Mr C and his team at the Ophthalmic Unit Lincoln Hospital. I was reassured by them and then operated on by a skilful team.

Mr Emberey

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Hill Holt Wood

The Female Merlin appeared out of nowhere scattering the small flock of Goldfinches from the thistle heads they were feasting on. She immediately singled one out and was tail-chasing it through the garden, matching every twist and turn with the astonishing agility of Britain’s most able aerial predator. The Finch, in its desperate attempt to evade capture, made the fatal error of mistaking the glass panes of the greenhouse for an escape route and thudded into them; the Merlin, absolutely locked on to its quarry, stood no chance and broke its neck instantly as it hit the glass. The Gardener brought me the bird and we marvelled at its beautiful markings, piercing eyes and delicate but deadly talons, close up it really was a miracle of the UK bird world. It is currently residing in the freezer awaiting the attentions of a local taxidermist who will set it up enabling the visitors to the Wood Hall to examine one of Britain’s most exquisite Birds of Prey in all its magnificent detail.

Over the last year the Wood Hall has seen an encouraging increase in usage; back in June we hosted a conference to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of us being a Social Enterprise. The event was billed as Conservation and Enterprise, a Meeting of Minds and was attended by over 80 delegates from all over the UK. Local MP Stephen Phillips attended the plenary sessions along with leading conservationists, social entrepreneurs, community stakeholders, policy makers, academics and representatives from businesses from all over the UK and discussed social enterprise and conservation issues. Mr Phillips gave a political perspective highlighting cross-party support for the place of social enterprise in delivering rural solutions to long-standing social problems, as well as the value for money such programmes deliver for hard-pressed taxpayers. In his speech, he also stressed the value which local policymakers attribute to the work that Hill Holt Wood does in the community, and the need to ensure long term solutions for management of the countryside unaffected by changes of Government. "Hill Holt Wood has been an inspiration to many of us as to what can be achieved," Mr Phillips said at the celebratory tree planting which followed the event. "It's a joy to celebrate everything that has been done in the last decade and to show everyone what a difference social enterprise can make in so many areas."

In our continued efforts to engage the community and especially children in the natural environment we are putting together a programme of events in the form of a Kids Club that will run for two days every week during the school holidays, these will be fun filled, action packed days that will focus on showing children what the natural world has to offer. This is a direct response to the many requests we have had from the increasing number of families that are visiting the Hive Café on a Sunday. For more information on these Kids Club days and other events occurring at the Wood, including our Romantic Valentines Dinner evening, please contact admin@hillholtwood.com or call us on 01636 892836.

Our future lies with our children and as Zenobia Barlow said; "Children are born with a sense of wonder and an affinity for Nature. Properly cultivated, these values can mature into ecological literacy, and eventually into sustainable patterns of living."

Oliver Woodman. Head of Operations.

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Bassingham Scout Group - Leaders Required


1st Bassingham Scout Group

Do you have a spare few hours each week?

Are you aged 14 or over?

Do you want to help young children acquire new skills?

An opportunity has arisen for leaders within the Scouting movement in Bassingham. With no prior experience needed, as full training is provided, this is a chance to improve the lives not only of the children but as a volunteer there are also huge benefits:- Scouting is proven to improve physical skills; increase confidence and show a recognised qualification on a CV. With over 400,000 members, the Scouting Organisation is a much sought after out of hours activity for boys and girls and we hope you will want to be part of it with us.

The Group is currently represented in Bassingham by the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. At the present time, we are looking for volunteers to assist in the Cubs (ages 8 to 10½ years old) and you would be part of a supportive team with fantastic parental support, who all enjoy the activities and the challenges of allowing children to explore the world and experience hands on learning.

If you can spare a couple of hours a week, the Cubs meet on Mondays from 6.30pm to 8pm school term time only. Ideally, we are looking for someone who can attend each week and is prepared to undergo full uniformed training as an Assistant to the Leader. However, if that seems too much of a commitment to begin with, we can accommodate you with any age group depending on your age preference and skills.

For more information contact Alison.

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Bassingham Show 2013

I know it is a long way off but we will be having a new item in the show, with it being the right time of the year to get going I thought it would be useful to know in advance.

Hedgerow Spirit (e.g. Slo Gin, Blackberry Vodka and much more)

Look forward to your entries.

Julie Thomas 2013 Show Coordinator.

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March 2013

Editorial: The sunshine gleams so bright and warm, the sky is blue and clear. I run outdoors without a coat, as spring is almost here. And then before my very eyes, the clouds have blown together, the sun once more has slipped away and mitten weather is back hurray!!! Well what a month it’s been typical british February weather with a typically british reaction. Even the news has been intense Pope Benedict XVI has become the first pope to resign in the last 600 years. Then just hours after lightning struck the Vatican not once but twice, striking the roof of St. Peter's Basilica, one of the holiest Catholic churches. With a blinding flash and a booming shock wave, a meteor then blazed across the western Siberian sky and exploded with the force of 20 atomic bombs and finally it’s emerged that beef is not always beef! However be assured your magazine is 100% pure community news, views and want to do’s

We love to receive articles from all corners of the community


Letter from the Chairman of the Witham Staple Committee

The Witham Staple has been the community magazine for the Withamside Villages for the past 40 or so years and more recently has served the new village of Witham St Hughs. The Witham Staple is a true community magazine produced and published by the community for the community. It has evolved and developed over time and from a distribution of some 300 is now delivered to over 2,300 households in the eight villages. Its structure, organisation and financial viability are secure. The production involves well over 60 local people in editorial, financial control, printing, distribution, website management and advertising.

It will have come to your notice that the Witham Herald is now being distributed in the villages traditionally served by the Witham Staple. The Witham Herald is a magazine produced, published, and distributed by a commercial organisation not based in our villages and makes a profit for its owners. Like the Witham Staple it aims to contain copy that is of interest and relevance to local communities.

The Witham Staple will continue to serve the needs of our community as effectively as possible and we hope that we will retain your support and goodwill as readers, community groups and advertisers.

Mike Allport


Local Information Sheet. This sheet gives us information on local groups and associations as well as public services and utilities, where to find them and a contact number.

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1. Front Cover of Magazine:


“Country Life” by Lucy Davis

Winner of The Witham Staple cover design competition 2012 for 8 to 11 years.


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2. Lincolnshire Police: Hykeham Rural South Neighbourhood Policing Team

The Neighbourhood Panel met on Monday 7th January 2013

The priorities (up to 3) set are:

1. Deployment of the Speed Indicator Device


Recently addressed community issues:

1. Crime prevention awareness


Date of next panel meeting:

Monday 8th April at 7pm in the Hammond Hall Bassingham


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Brown Wheeled Bins - North Kesteven to Charge from April 2013

The following statement can be found on the NK Website:

"If you are a resident, we will be writing to you over the coming week to advise of changes to your brown bin collections from April 2013.

You may have heard or read about plans to charge for the collection of garden waste in the news recently and we want to make sure you are aware of the reasons for the change and the implications.

This Council relies on grants from central government to provide a range of services to its residents. These grants are being significantly reduced due to the current economic climate. The Council therefore has to make some difficult decisions over the next few years in order to protect its priority services and balance its budgets.

The Council is not required, by law, to provide a free garden waste collection service and many Councils do not provide one. The service costs over £3/4 million each year to provide and this cost is likely to increase in future years as the number of properties in the district grows.

Rather than withdrawing or reducing the scope of the service the Council has reluctantly decided to introduce a charge of £25 per year for the collection of green waste from residents’ property, if they wish to continue receiving the service.

On receipt of your letter we would urge you not to try to contact us by phone or a personal visit because our staff will not be able to tell you any more than the FAQs listed on the right of the page".

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First Contact (Help for the 60+)

Helping to keep you safe and independent in your own home... First Contact is a service to help anyone aged 60 and over, living in Lincolnshire receive the support they need to stay safe and independent in their own home through just one point of contact.

The First Contact leaflet contains a simple checklist with 13 questions to help people identify the information and advice they could benefit from. The services cover a range of issues such as money and benefits, home and fire safety, housing, social care, preventing falls, healthy lifestyles, local clubs and activity groups, caring for friends and relatives, energy efficiency, domestic help, local transport and volunteering opportunities.

First Contact will then ask the appropriate organisation to contact the customer within 28 days. So far the service has helped over 7,200 customers and made over 21,250 referrals to public and voluntary services.

First Contact leaflets are available from your GP surgery, Libraries or Parish Council Office.

@ @ @

Bassingham Community Options Group (COG) - An opportunity to help shape the future of Bassingham

The Bassingham Community Led Plan (CLP) is an action plan for the next ten to twenty years based on needs identified from within the community. The plan will inform decision makers about the development of the village and will provide an evidence base to apply for grants for projects.

The next stage in producing the CLP will be based around three questions:

What is it important to keep the same in Bassingham village?

What would you wish to be different?

What is your vision of Bassingham in the future?

Members of the COG will be meeting with interest groups and clubs to discuss these questions and in addition, each household will receive the questions on a postcard. Please answer the questions (as a household) then place the completed postcard in one of the collection boxes in the following locations around Bassingham: Greens, Spar, The Post Office, The Doctors’ Surgery, The Hammond Hall, The Witham Office, The Bugle Horn, The Five Bells, The High Street Salon and Tangle. Thank you in advance for your contributions. They are vital in ensuring the CLP reflects the needs of the community.

@ @ @

Bassingham Playing Field Improvement Project; User Consultation

The Bassingham playing field is a central recreational resource for Bassingham and surrounding villages. However it is over 25 years since anything other than routine maintenance has been carried out on the field. As a result the field is in a state of disrepair, and much of it is no longer suitable for its main purpose as a sports field.

The Village Hall and Playing Field Committee is submitting an application to Sport England for an Olympic Legacy project through the Places People Play programme. If successful the project can access funds of up to £50,000 and is cost neutral to the village. It has the objective of renovating sports pitches on the playing field for the long term (20-25 years) so that participation in outdoor sport and recreation is encouraged. It is intended that this work will encompass;-

On completion the main pitch areas (approx. 14,500 square metres) will have been;-

The project application is being led by Bill Taylor who can be contacted on bill@kre-anergy.co.uk or 07768 953 338. The views, opinions and offers of support from anyone who has an interest in the future of the playing field are sought. Please indicate to him directly by return any thoughts you have on the project and how it relates to the future development of Bassingham.  

@ @ @


Ryan Thomas London Marathon Run

Although I now live out of the village, many of you may remember me from working at the Spar and Five Bells. In April I am running the London Marathon for Children with cancer and am looking to raise £2,000. Those of you who know me and wish to sponsor me can do so.

Many Thanks Ryan Thomas

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April 2013


In an April dream, once she came to me, when you smiled I looked into your eyes and I knew, I'd be loving you… and then you touched my hand and I learned, April dreams can come true. Oh are we just April fools, who can't see all the danger around us. If we're just April fools, I don't care… true love has found us now…

April Fools. Dionne Warwick 1969

It was the Spring Equinox on the 20th March so the days are now getting longer than the nights and summer is just a stone’s throw away. Would someone, therefore, please tell the weather? Last March was the 3rd warmest on record reaching 23c, this year we’ve been lucky so far to get 2c to 3c. The great British weather never fails to leave us with something to talk about. Why not read on and find out what happening this month and where to meet up with friends and neighbours for a good old fashioned chat. May is creeping in, bank holidays begin.

The Witham Staple AGM

Wednesday 1st May at 7.30pm

Carlton le Moorland Village Hall

The Annual General meeting is open to everyone and everyone in the Witham Staple area is most welcome. The committee looks forward to seeing you and would be pleased to see anyone interested in finding out more about how the magazine is produced or who would like to be involved in the monthly process. Each month the team between them produce, print, collate, staple and deliver well over 2400 copies, one to every household in the community. We hope to see you there

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Front Cover of Magazine:


“Dalmatian” by Ciara O’Beirne

Winner of The Witham Staple cover design competition 2012 for 7 years & under.

@ @ @

Temporary Road Closure Amendment

Norton Disney/Stapleford and Carlton le Moorland

Please note it will be necessary to impose a temporary restriction to all vehicular traffic on the roads detailed below. Adequate arrangements will be made to enable pedestrians to access premises in the affected area while works progress.

Reason for Closure: Essential maintenance works by Danaher & Walsh

Location: Norton Road

(Clay Lane to Beckingham Road)

Norton Disney Road

(Norton Road to Rinks Lane)

Closure Now Re-Scheduled for:

Thursday 28th March to Friday 12th April

Local diversion routes and access

arrangements will be signposted.

If you have any queries, or require further information, please contact the

Greater Lincoln & Gainsborough Highways Division.

@ @ @

Food for Thought

We have all suffered from the increase in the cost of fuel which makes the weekly shop more expensive and also bus services are on the decline as well.

Perhaps local traders could provide eggs and vegetables and would be interested in supporting on a weekly basis a small market in or around the Village Hall. Not only would the service be useful but it would also provide a reason for people to socialise and bring more life to the village streets.

Also with the increasing interest in the allotments the gardeners could possibly create an allotment association which could also help with the provision of local grown produce.

Where I have previously lived allotment associations have also been the provider of seeds, compost etc. bought in bulk and the benefits of the savings shared by the gardeners.

This could also play a part in the spring show - increase in entries and possible trophies provided by the association to increase the overall strength of the event. Ideas may not suit but it may sow the seed for others to look at improving services that the village could offer its residents

Mr Hulbert

@ @ @ 

Bassingham Open Gardens

Sunday 9th June 2pm until 6pm

A number of gardens in Bassingham will be open to welcome you for this annual event held on the Sunday afternoon of Scarecrow weekend. There will be a plant stall on Battersby Close, delicious home-made teas will be served in a beautiful garden and Dennett’s ice cream will be on sale in another.

Tickets, in the form of a programme with a map and description of each garden, will be on sale in advance from Saturday 25th May from Greens and Bassingham Post Office and on the day from 1.30pm on the Village Hall car park and from 2pm at the gardens, price £3. Accompanied children free.

The money from this event goes to the Bassingham Playing Field Charity which is raising funds to rebuild the old Tower. Would you like to help to make the afternoon a successful and enjoyable occasion for everyone? Donations of plants for the plant stall, large or small, are always very welcome. Contact Jan 788793. Could you make a cake for the tea garden or maybe you could give an hour on the day to help serve teas. Contact Sandra 788213 or Susan 788459.

Please join us and enjoy a delightful afternoon in a good cause.


Scarecrow Trail 2013

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June

It will soon be that time again! Would everyone who is considering exhibiting a scarecrow this year kindly confirm in good time so that these can all be included on the 'Scarecrow Trail' map in time for our Annual Open Gardens weekend. Please confirm on 788086 (Mike and Christine)

The theme for the scarecrows next year will be 'NURSERY RHYMES'

A successful workshop at the Hammond Hall in March offered some ideas on Scarecrow designs etc. see pictures below:

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Bassingham Multi Purpose Area

Bookings now being taken for the newly refurbished MPA, the area is available to rent from May 1st £5 per hour £6 per hour with lights.

Open 7 days a week 9am to 10pm

Tennis – Basketball – Netball - 5 aside

For more info please ring Roger on 789758 e-mail basspc@btconnect.com

@ @ @

Please remember that it is no more acceptable to leave dog faeces on any of the verges of the Pathway than on the tarmac surface. There is a dog bin at each end of the field section of the route.

Letter to the Witham Staple Editor

We went on the path to Carlton le Moorland today and we saw 17 dog poos on the bit from Torgate Lane me and my family are upset about it, can you do something about it please.

from Celia

I must indorse my daughter's concerns that someone could be so irresponsible to allow their large dog to defecate on a regular basis without clearing up the mess. There are two dog bins nearby. We have a dog and always clear up the mess why can't others! If anyone sees this happening please report it as it is an offence. I know people get sick and tired of comments about dog waste but how can we keep Bassingham and Carlton le Moorland pleasant places to live unless we all look after them.

from the Davis family


Has that horse got a name?

The horse has fast become a firm favourite with many Pathway users.

Several people say they have a name for him. Here are just a few:

Captain, Trojan (suggested by different people, and very apt), Major, Tom, Harvey (Jack Harvey is one of the last men to have worked with shire horses in this area). Do you have a name for him?

@ @ @

Get Fit and Help Support the New Cardiac Unit!

Lincoln Lions are issuing a challenge! Get on your bike on

Sunday 26th May

and cycle 50 miles to raise funds for Cardiac Unit at Lincoln County Hospital.

Following the tremendous success of the 2011 challenge which raised over £10,000 for the Breast Unit at the hospital, Lincoln Lions want to exceed this figure for 2013. Each cyclist is asked to raise a minimum of £50 sponsorship to support this deserving cause.

Lincoln Lions President Barbara Coleman said ‘Following the treatment of several members of Lincoln Lions by the Cardiology team at the County Hospital, it was decided to hold this year’s sponsored cycle ride in favour of the unit. It will be a privilege for the Club to organise this event and hopefully many members of the public will become involved in this event to make it a great success.”

David O’Brien, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist said “We are delighted and honoured that the Lincoln Lions have offered their extensive fund-raising experience and expertise in support of Cardiology Services at Lincoln County Hospital. The current on-going developments based at the hospital are set to revolutionise the management of patients presenting with heart attacks from across the entire County, resulting in a service we can all be very proud of. This challenge not only gives people the chance to get involved with this fantastic local development, but also to keep fit in the process. The cardiology team will certainly be getting on our bikes in May 2013 to help the Lions exceed their target.”

More information regarding the Cycle challenge can be found at

lincoln-lions.org.uk, e-mail Lincolnlions105e@aol.com or ring 0845 8339852

@ @ @

Brown Wheeled Bins - North Kesteven to Charge from April 2013

The following statement can be found on the NK Website:

"If you are a resident, we will be writing to you over the coming week to advise of changes to your brown bin collections from April 2013.

You may have heard or read about plans to charge for the collection of garden waste in the news recently and we want to make sure you are aware of the reasons for the change and the implications.

This Council relies on grants from central government to provide a range of services to its residents. These grants are being significantly reduced due to the current economic climate. The Council therefore has to make some difficult decisions over the next few years in order to protect its priority services and balance its budgets.

The Council is not required, by law, to provide a free garden waste collection service and many Councils do not provide one. The service costs over £3/4 million each year to provide and this cost is likely to increase in future years as the number of properties in the district grows.

Rather than withdrawing or reducing the scope of the service the Council has reluctantly decided to introduce a charge of £25 per year for the collection of green waste from residents’ property, if they wish to continue receiving the service.

On receipt of your letter we would urge you not to try to contact us by phone or a personal visit because our staff will not be able to tell you any more than the FAQs listed on the right of the page".


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May 2013


The storm is raging. Winds are howling. The water's calling, rescue you. A flash of lightning. At times a'frightnin' A wind is coming, And the sun don't shine Rain day - May day - May day - Stormy Rain Day

Rain day - May day - May day - Stormy Rain Day - Stormy May Day…

"Stormy May Day" AC/DC

It’s been a bit rough but the cold easterly wind did finally cease and in the blink of an eye the warmer air rushed in from the west. Hopefully it’s only the lyrics and we are set for two fantastic bank holiday weekends. The news is yet again filled with hatred, people inflicting pain on others and as we mourn the passing of a late Prime minister let us reflect, love her or hate her she was a wife, mother and grand mother just like anyone else and not the only recognised face to come out for Grantham, there was Isaac Newton, Edith Smith (1st female police officer), Richard Hornsby (inventor of the caterpillar track) and most famously your Editor!!!

@ @ @

Front Cover of Magazine:

"Sitting on the fungus" by Christine Forster

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New Bassingham to Lincoln Bus Service

The number 49 is a new bus service running from Bassingham to Lincoln the service started on the 2nd April and is a 2 year contract. A great deal of work has gone into getting this service so please make good use of it and then there is a greater chance they will extend the 2 year contract further. The bus runs Monday to Saturday every 2 hours from 9am to 5pm and the return service leaves the city station every 2 hours 10am to 6pm.

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Bassingham Community Options Group (COG)

This is the group that is working to produce a Community Led Plan which will help to provide a framework for the development of Bassingham village over the next twenty to thirty years. A short questionnaire card was delivered to all households in the village and many people have completed these and returned them to the collection boxes in the Hammond Hall, Green’s Store, Spar, Tangle, Post Office and the Witham Office. If you have not already returned your completed card and wish to do so, it is not too late! Please return your card by May 10th.

Over the next few months we intend to keep the community up to date with the kinds of issues that are currently emerging from the consultation process. Also during the next few months, members of the COG will be working with interest and focus groups to gather more detailed views about the needs of the community. A formal and detailed questionnaire will be sent to every household in Bassingham towards the end of the year and this will complete the consultation process.

To start the process of sharing currently held views by the community, the following are some of the issues raised related to the Social and Cultural aspects of Bassingham village life.

There is a strong view that the village needs a permanent stage for use by local groups and to attract performances from professional touring companies.

Storage for existing groups and the requirement for an additional large meeting room to accommodate the needs of the growing range of activities and the displaced groups from the Heritage Room are a priority for many. This evidence adds weight to the existing proposal by the Bassingham Village Playing Fields Committee to redevelop the existing tower block. Initial planning for this redevelopment is at the discussion stage.

The need for activities for the young people in the village is considered to be important, with many people identifying the need for a youth club. Other issues raised included additional car parking at the Hammond Hall, creating space for the village archive materials from the Heritage Room and developing a range of new interest groups.

COG contacts: Website: www.mybassingham.co.uk Tel. 789758

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Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust (NHS)

Single Point of Access – new service rollout across Lincolnshire

The Single Point of Access (SPA) service provides a first point of contact for people aged 18 and over who wish to access mental health and learning disability services in Lincolnshire. The SPA team offers mental health triage and assessment to enable enquirers to be directed to the most appropriate service to meet their needs. People can refer themselves, or make enquiries on behalf of a family member or friend, (with their permission), to our popular psychological therapy services (also known as talking therapies) and our drug and alcohol recovery service, DART. Designed for both routine or urgent referrals and enquiries, the single point of access contact centre is staffed by fully qualified and skilled healthcare professionals 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The team provides advice and guidance through a triage process, where the urgency of care required is assessed. The SPA team works closely at times of mental health crisis with our home treatment teams and our partner organisations from across the public and private sectors to signpost people to the most relevant services that will aid their recovery.

The SPA service is being rolled out across the county from Tuesday 2nd April and is aligned to the new GP Clinical Commissioning Group areas

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The Hardy Plant Society

The Hardy Plant Society is a charity that informs and inspires lovers of plants and gardens. It is an international Society and was formed in 1957 by a group of eminent gardeners and nurserymen. The Founding Four were Alan Bloom, Arthur Hellyer, Will Ingerson and John Sambrook. Our current President is Roy Lancaster, OBE, who has supported the society for decades.

The aim of the Hardy Plant Society is to give its members information about the wealth of both well known and little known perennials and to ensure that all worthy plants remain in cultivation and have the widest possible distribution.

There are over 40 friendly Local Groups across the UK and the Lincolnshire Group, formed in 1989, hold their lively meetings at the William Farr Church of England School, Lincoln Road, Welton, LN2 3JB. There is ample parking on-site. The school is accessible by wheelchair.

Members travel here from all over the county - from The Wash to The Humber and come from Doncaster and Nottinghamshire too. All levels of gardeners, of any age, are very welcome. In fact, anyone, with enthusiasm and a love of gardening. Gardeners enjoy meeting other gardeners and it is a very good way of making friends. Our aim is to encourage young members who will, of course, be our future. After all age is only a number whether we are young or slightly older!

Visitors and New Members will receive a warm welcome and the opportunity to share ideas and information in a convivial environment. We have 7 Speakers annually: in January (after our AGM), February, March, April, September, October, November and a Plant Sale (everyone welcome) in May; with a host of activities during the summer months. Our Talks are diverse and afterwards we adjourn for a welcome cup of tea/coffee and biscuits. Members Plant Sales at most meetings.

The next meeting of the Hardy Plant Society is on

Saturday 11th May 2013 10am to 12noon

Grand Plant Sale. All Welcome.

At William Farr Church of England School, Lincoln Road, Welton, LN2 3JB.

Why not come along to one of these meetings as a Visitor, hear an interesting

and illustrated Talk by a knowledgeable Speaker and afterwards join us for tea/coffee and biscuits. It’s a good way to make new friends.


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June 2013


The lazy days, Crazy dolls. You said we've been friends for too long.
Seven days in sunny June, but long enough to bloom.
The flowers on the sunlight dress you wore in spring, the way we laughed as one. And then you dropped the bomb. But I know you too long for us to have a thing
Seven Days in Sunny June - Jamiroquai

Wow what a great bank holiday weekend. Was that summer? the gulf stream is running in the same place now as it did last year at this time so guess the answer to the question is, yes that was summer… fingers crossed you never know this is Britain, lets face it, just last week it snowed in Shropshire, Devon and Cumbria! Here we go then full throttle into June and not only are we approaching the middle of the year the longest day and midsummer solstice on the 21st but by the 26th this Christmas is official nearer than last!! For now keep your eyes peeled as there will be some characters about as it’s time again for Bassingham Scarecrow trail and to find out what else is on what better place to start than right here in the Staple.

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Front Cover of Magazine:



"Scarecrow" by Elliott Ditton

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Bassingham Open Gardens

Sunday 9th June 2pm until 6pm

Enjoy a great afternoon out in Bassingham with friends and neighbours!
Delicious teas with homemade cakes, ice creams, the plant stall and of course, delightful gardens and the scarecrow trail will all be on the map in the entrance programme, price £3 (accompanied children free). You can buy the programme in advance from Bassingham Post Office (available from Saturday 25th May), on the Village Hall car park from 1.30pm on the day or at any of the gardens.
This annual event is run in aid of the Bassingham Playing Field charity and the proceeds from Open Gardens will go towards the Tower Replacement Project
If you are able to help by donating plants, please contact
Jean Solven 788949, Madeline Vickers 788519 or Jan Culpitt 788793.
If you can make a cake for teas, or spare an hour on the day to help serve in the tea garden, Lyn Baker 788031, Sandra Nelson 788213 or Susan Barnett 788459 will be delighted to hear from you.

Scarecrow Trail 2013

Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June

It’s here again, where are they and what are they? Scarecrow Trail maps will be available from Greens Stores on both days and
Bassingham Post Office during opening hours Saturday morning.
Trail map will also be available with any Open garden tickets bought on Sunday.
For further details about the event please call 788086 (Mike and Christine)

The theme for the scarecrows is 'NURSERY RHYMES'

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Community Options Group Update

Last month we promised to keep the community up to date with the kind of issues which are emerging from the consultation process being run by the Community Options Group. We began with an update on the Social and Cultural aspects of Bassingham village life.
This month, the topic is Services.
At the COG Launch Event in November 2012 we began the process of obtaining views and ideas from the local Community. A presentation was displayed giving examples of the many different village services available such as the school, doctors, shops, church, post office and volunteering groups to just mention a few.
An activity was set, for all to take part in, which we asked those attending to select the top three most important services available in the village relevant to their circumstances and requirements. The responses indicated that the top three priorities were: Shops; Doctors and the Post Office. We also asked everyone for their views on what services are missing in Bassingham. A good response was received and the following suggestions were made: form a Youth Club; a Better Bus Service; more Police Presence
It was also evident that there was a general feeling from residents that Bassingham is an active and happy place to live with a good variety of organisations/services available for all to be involved in. Those who attended the event were also encouraged with the forward thinking of the Community Options Group and also with the development of the Community Led Plan for the future of Bassingham.
As part of the process to develop the Plan, we have now collected all of the completed questionnaire cards which were distributed throughout the village. We are now in the process of collating the information and ideas you have provided to help devise the full consultation which will take place later in the year. More information will be available in the coming weeks via the Staple and COG website.
COG contacts: Website: www.mybassingham.co.uk Tel. 789758

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Policing report from Sgt Jon Hammond

...the year end crime figures for your area 2012 - 2013.

Hykeham Rural 6,287 less crimes a change of 14% with the detection rate at 31%.


The Anti Social Behaviour figures were promising for the same period (ASB directly affecting the community) and reflects the work completed by the teams, in partnership with NKDC / NHTC and our other agencies.

Hykeham Rural 79 incidents

So we are now compared to how we were Year to Date (Same time last year), the figures released on Monday show:

Hykeham Rural 76 more crimes an increase of 2% with a detection rate of 29%.

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Crimestoppers - call anonymously with information about crime

Tel: 0800 555111

Over 25 years of fighting crime
An introduction to the charity Crimestoppers
The Independent charity Crimestoppers has been fighting crime since the organisation was launched in 1988.
Lord Ashcroft, KCMG, formed the charity following the murder of Metropolitan Police Officer, Keith Blakelock, during the Tottenham riots in October 1985.
The purpose of launching the charity was to encourage members of the public with information on criminal activity to come forward anonymously, without the fear of their identity being revealed, without having to give a statement to police and without having to go to court.
Since its launch, Crimestoppers UK has gone from strength-to-strength, taking over 1.3 million phone calls, which has led to over 120,000 arrests, £125 million of goods being recovered and £292 million of drugs being seized.
Crimestoppers works closely with police forces across the UK and law enforcement organisations including the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA). Our independence from the police and law enforcement is what makes us unique, which is why so many people contact us with information anonymously.
It is our work within local communities that really makes Crimestoppers successful. Crimestoppers has employees spread throughout the UK who engage with local people to find out about the crimes and issues affecting their community. This way, we can focus our efforts on those crimes and attempt to create a safer environment for the local community to live in.
Our staff are supported by a network of volunteers throughout the UK. These volunteers come from varying backgrounds such as media, businesses or local government, bringing relevant skills to the table that aids Crimestoppers’ work in their area.
Passing on information about crime became easier in March 2012 when Crimestoppers launched a mini mobile version of its website and its youth service website, Fearless.org.
Fearless is aimed at 11-16 year olds and aims to educate and inform youngsters about crime and encourage them to pass on information anonymously.
In addition to educating youngsters on crime and working with local communities, locating UK fugitives through campaigns alongside other crime agencies is also something Crimestoppers has been at the forefront of over the last seven years.
Operation Captura was launched in Spain in 2006 to locate wanted individuals believed to be hiding in the Costas for serious crimes committed in the UK. The campaign, in which Crimestoppers works closely with SOCA and the Spanish authorities, has seen tremendous results, with 49 out of 65 wanted individuals located and arrested**. A similar campaign run in Amsterdam has seen 12 wanted criminals appealed for – with five of them arrested**.
Crimestoppers expanded its fugitive campaigns in September 2012 after launching a third campaign, this time in Cyprus.
The campaign appealed for information from local residents and the ex-patriot community to help locate nine individuals wanted for crimes including sexual offences, fraud and drug offences.
Within 48 hours of the launch, Paul Lockwood, 41, from Oldham, was located and arrested, while a few weeks later, couple Wayne Smith and Julie Skelding were also brought back to the UK.
If you would like to pass on information about crime anonymously you can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or through the charity’s secure online form at www.crimestoppers-uk.org. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out a volunteer enquiry form http://www.crimestoppers-uk.org/support-us/volunteering/become-a-volunteer

[WS June 2013]

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July /August 2013

Editorial: There I was on a July morning, I was looking for love. With the strength of a new day dawning and the beautiful sun. At the sound of the first bird singing I was leaving for home. With the storm and the night behind me and a road of my own. Uriah Heep “July Morning” Brings jasmine tea on a painted tray and bends to kiss my frown away But I'm still, still stuck in the August rain; stuck out in the cloudburst once again. Jethro Tull "Stuck In The August Rain" Sat here wondering what else to write about and the Lancaster flies low overhead for the second weekend in a row, what a privilege and what could possibly sound better than the purr of four merlin engines, it really does tug at the heart strings!! 70 years on from the Dambuster Raids, Barnes Wallis’s invention and a simple piece of equipment for aim, to today’s Typhoon what a stark contrast and in such a short space of time in history. Enjoy your summer and digest the double issue

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Front Cover of Magazine:


“Oligarchs only need apply” by Christine Forster

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The first Bassingham Surgery Newsletter (June 2013) published in the Witham Staple Magazine

We are delighted to announce Dr Michelle Hargreaves
joined us as our new Partner. Michelle qualified at Newcastle in 1996 and has a wealth of experience available for all our patients.

We have had three meetings to get us up and running and are now in the first stages, working on behalf of all patients for projects to improve communications between ourselves and the local community. As a result this is our first Newsletter, which we intend to issue on a quarterly basis. If you would like to contribute via a new ‘virtual’ group please email your details to juliet.brewer@lpct.nhs.uk

With effect from June 2013 the second Meningitis C vaccination currently given at 16 weeks will now be given in the teenage years. A new vaccination is being introduced to provide protection against ‘RotaVirus’ and this will be given with the baby’s primary course at 8 weeks. For further information please visit www.gov.uk/government/organisations/public-health-england/series/rotavirus-vaccination-progarmme-for-infants

Almost one in four UK holidaymakers don’t have any vaccinations before they go away, despite travelling to areas that have life-threatening infectious diseases. It’s not worth skipping travel vaccinations. Infectious diseases can make you very sick, spoil your holiday or worse. If you are going abroad and think you might need to have or update vaccinations please visit www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk  or make an appointment with one of our nurses to discuss possible diseases in the area you are travelling too at least four weeks before travel.

In May we lost a total of 78 appointments through patients not attending. That averages out to more than 18 Doctor hours. If you do not need your appointment please call us on 788250 we can always give the appointment to another patient.

Please can everyone ensure that all their details are updated, e.g., mobile numbers, email address.

The annual flu clinic this year is on Saturday 5th October. We will also be checking patient’s blood pressure/pulse and offering screening for dementia.


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Central Lincolnshire Joint Planning Unit - Consultation Witham St Hughs

The unit are now consulting the public on its future development plans and we would like as many people to get involved as possible. There are sites being considered for development in the Witham St Hughes area.

 Luke Brown BSc (Hons) MSc TP

Forward Plans Central Lincolnshire Joint Planning Unit. tel. 01522 308131

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Bassingham Primary School Update

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at Bassingham Primary School. We have had a fantastic Art Week with tremendous support from local artists and groups. We aim to creature a special feature of all the work using films and slideshows on our new school website (not quite ready as I write). Well done to Miss Petrie and the team for putting on such a tremendous week for all the children. Bassingham village recently ran its Open Garden weekend and we have been delighted with the feedback about our school gardens and scarecrows. A huge thank you to Mrs. Jo Woods and the Gardening Club for all their efforts. We are coming to the end of our Health Education week and once again we have had tremendous support from parents and friends of the school. My favourite part of the week has to be over two hundred children all creating a healthy noodle meal in the school hall – hot and steamy, full of wonderful aromas, excited children and very tasty outcomes! Well done Olga De Mooy, numerous parent helpers and the Cooking Club.

STOP PRESS The Cooking Club is now preparing for a special meal for invited guests tonight – do they ever rest?

Ian Howells Head teacher

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September 2013

Editorial: Summer has come and passed, the innocent can never last, wake me up when September ends. Ring out the bells again, like we did when spring began, wake me up when September ends. Here comes the rain again, falling from the stars drenched in my pain again, becoming who we are. As my memory rests, but never forgets what I lost, wake me up when September ends.” Green Day

Welcome back, did you all have a good summer, enjoyed the fantastic weather that finally arrived, took time to visit and support all the local fêtes, fayres and shows etcetera that have been happening. Maybe you’ve been on your jolly holidays or just sat back and relaxed in the garden soaking up the sun. Now in the blink of an eye and with no turning back it’s September, the children are back to school, new class and new teacher, for the little ones it’s a whole new adventure starting pre-school or school. Some little ones are all grown up, spreading their wings, fledging the nest and heading off to university oh how quick they grow up!!! Whatever you’re up to have a read, because there’s always something to do?

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Front Cover of Magazine:


“Magnolia” by Bunny Allport

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Farewell to Witham Staple Chairman - Mike Allport

Behind The Witham Staple is a production team and a committee managing what is in effect a sizeable community business. This is led by our Chairman, whose role and responsibility is ultimately to over-see a proper and efficient operation. He has to ensure that any problems that arise are dealt with promptly and that the principles and aims of the magazine are upheld. Mike Allport has been our Chairman for ten years now, during an unprecedented period of growth and consolidation for The Witham Staple, as the community of our eight villages has grown ever larger. Now we have to say goodbye to him as he and Bunny set off soon to make their new home in Australia. Mike has been an exceptionally good Chairman, bringing his own professional experience and efficiency to the task. He has met every challenge with professionalism and a calm cheerfulness that has seen us get through some quite choppy waters. So we thank Mike on behalf of our readers and the community and wish him and Bunny every success and happiness in the next stage of their life’s journey.

Please note the new Witham staple Chairman is Stan Underwood (Tel: 01522 788461)

[WS September 2013]

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Bassingham Community Options Group (COG) - Questionaire

Thank you to everyone who answered the following questions either on a postcard or as part of one of the focus groups:

What is it important to keep the same in Bassingham village?
What would you wish to be different?
What is your vision of Bassingham in the future?

A special thanks to all of those who have taken part in focus groups over recent months. These have included children at Bassingham Pre-School and Primary School, young people in the village and many of the existing clubs and groups who have completed postcards following visits from a COG representative. The enthusiasm and interesting ideas coming from all those who have participated have been very much appreciated.
The next stage of the community consultation will be a questionnaire; the questions will reflect the themes identified in the answers to the questions above. The feedback from the questionnaires will be used to write the Bassingham Community Led Plan (CLP). The CLP is an action plan for the next ten to twenty years that will inform decision makers and will provide an evidence base to apply for grants for projects. However, the CLP will only truly represent the community if as many residents as possible take part in the consultation by completing the questionnaire when it is issued and so we would encourage everyone to take part. This is your chance to have a say!
The top 6 themes identified from the consultation so far are: Better broadband and mobile signal, more affordable housing, more youth activities, an extension to the Hammond Hall, more car parking and keep Bassingham the size it is now. These themes were displayed at the village show and members of the community were asked what would be their top priority. Better broadband and mobile signal came top. What would you prioritise? Perhaps you think there is something else that is really important? If so please get in touch:
For more information about the COG, if you would like to get involved in delivering and collecting the questionnaires or helping to analyse the questionnaire responses, please register on the website www.mybassingham.co.uk  or Tel: 789758.


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October 2013


"October. And the trees are stripped bare, of all they wear. What do I care. October. And Kingdoms rise and Kingdoms fall. But you go on… and on..." October. U2

Did you blink too? Yes it’s October! All that talk about blossom, the appearance of new shoots and the perfect summer’s day is gone and just another memory for yet another year. As the nights noticeably draw in, the morning dew on the grass and the sudden change in temperature, yes autumn is amongst us. The harvest safely gathered in, ploughed fields and the leaves begin to turn, the greens to orange and reds to brown it won’t be long and they’ll blanket the ground. As the season’s roll on by, the years they come and go, generations grow up and move away others grow old and slip away. Leaving us memories we shall never forget, we shall keep this day, we shall keep the time and the tears in our minds, our memory and our hearts and take them with us as we carry on! For tomorrow is a new day and yesterday we‘ll file away. October’s full of things to do, don’t be scared please read on through. November next it’s fair to say, the cold is surely on its way.

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Front Cover of Magazine:


“Poppy” by Bunny Allport

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Car Parking on Bassingham Playing Field

The fields now forming Bassingham Playing Field were bought for the village in 1946 as a Memorial for the Second World War and their legal status was determined in 1953 as "recreation grounds". The Hammond Hall and the planned Tower replacement building provide and will improve facilities for recreation so are broadly in keeping with the defined use of the land although they reduce the space available for open-air activities.

Occasionally, it is necessary to allow vehicular access to the green field area adjacent to the tarmac Community Car Park to support Hammond Hall and village events. The Manager of the Hammond Hall (tel. 789580) has the executive power to determine when there is a need to admit vehicles for Hammond support and he is responsible for releasing and securing the access chains. However, although special purpose rubber matting has been incorporated to minimise wear and the duration of vehicle use is kept short, significant damage to the grassed surface has occurred in wet conditions. Nevertheless, in the light of demand, there has been pressure to make the area always open for car parking.

The Charity and the Parish Council Hammond Hall Sub-committee are against this. We ask for your voice in support of the principle that to preserve our much cherished Playing Field for recreation, there can be no general access for parking cars.

Geoff Culpitt Chairman, Bassingham Village and Playing Field Charity.

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NK Community Champion Award winners announced!

North Kesteven’s most community-spirited individuals, groups and businesses have been announced at the 2013 NK Community Champion Awards.

This year saw an unprecedented number of nominations made for community-spirited people, groups and businesses across the District. From this, a shortlist of finalists was whittled down by a panel of judges including officers from North Kesteven District Council, sponsors and members of the media.

Finalists were invited to an awards ceremony at The Venue, Navenby on 12th September. More than 150 people attended the event to cheer on and celebrate North Kesteven’s community heroes. Linc’s FM Presenter John Marshall hosted the ceremony and awards were handed out by the sponsors.

Councilor Mrs. Marion Brighton OBE, Leader of NKDC, said "Congratulations to all our winners and finalists. The awards are our way of saying thank you to some very special people in our District. Everyone who was nominated for an award tonight is a winner in their own right."

This year’s shortlist of 26 individuals in 8 categories, saw 8 nominated from our own small corner of North Kesteven right here in the Withamside Parishes these local nominations were

Young Achievers Award

Mark Farr, Bassingham - Patryk Orlowski, Norton Disney

Community Business of the Year

Fitness Warehouse, Ross Burns, Witham St Hughs

Hill Holt Wood, Norton Disney

Community Spirit Award

Paul Hubbard, Carlton le Moorland

Contribution to a Better Environment

Hill Holt Wood, Norton Disney

Contribution to the Arts & Culture

Stan Underwood, Carlton le Moorland

(chairman of Carlton le Moorland to Bassingham Pathway Group)

Contribution to Sport

Witham Runners, Witham St Hughs

Congratulations to Hill Holt Wood Winners in the category for Contribution to a Better Environment.

Below is a photo of this year’s finalists:

We would like to congratulate Paul Hubbard on being a runner up at the Community Champion Awards. He was entered in the Community Spirit award category. I’m sure you will agree with us he does such a lot for our local community running Beaver Scouts, organising the Carlton le Moorland Spring Show, editing the Witham Staple to mention a few and shows exceptional community spirit.

We would also like to congratulate Mark Farr on being runner up in the Young Achievers Award Category, you can’t have been to a local event without seeing Mark there to support it ready to step in with his first aid skills. He has honed his skills through St John Ambulance Brigade and continues to expand on with East Midlands Training services. As well as volunteering locally he also volunteers across the county.

We would like to say thank you on behalf of the community to both of them for giving up their time and their dedication to support the local people. They are both winners in our eyes and haven’t gone unnoticed.

@ @ @

Lincolnshire Police Hykeham Rural Report

As usual I will start by giving you the Year to Date (YTD) crime figures for the beat team area, followed by the influencing factors.

Hykeham Rural - Crime is down by 5% with a detection rate of 28%

Hykeham Rural has seen a decrease in reports of Burglary and Violence and we have concentrated on joint initiatives with our colleagues in Nottinghamshire Police, with early hour plain clothed patrols and search warrants.

In both the Town & Rural areas I am promoting the use of Lincs alert and seeking to improve the communication we have with the Neighbourhood Watches. It is only through the direction given by the community, using local intelligence, that I can direct the teams and utilise other Police Department resources, to proactively target areas and those criminals responsible.

Lincs alert is completely free, to sign up to, the website is www.lincsalert.co.uk , or you can pop into North Hykeham Police Station for a form, or ask one of my staff when you see them. Once signed up, you will receive an email, text, or a phone call (or all three) on crime and information relevant to where you live and it is completely free ! The help line is 558399 if you require help to register.

So now crime relevant to the Beat Team Areas …….

Hykeham Rural. Insecurity crime has featured with both vehicles and houses being entered, so again the emphasis is on getting the community to lock doors and windows. Criminals will actively cycle or walk around areas, trying car doors and houses for any opportunity to get inside. During August / September there have been reported offences in Skellingthorpe, Whisby and Bassingham. The theft of garden ornaments and furniture has also shown an increase in Bassingham, so you would have noticed an increase in Police Patrol activity …. or not when we are in plain clothed, or in unmarked cars.

The quarterly Neighbourhood Priority Panels are meeting in October, so if you need to raise the profile of problems in your area, you should inform the teams.

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November 2013


Sleep on and dream of love, because it's the closest you will get to love, poor twisted child so ugly, so ugly. The poor twisted child oh hug me, oh hug me one November, Spawned a monster in the shape of this child who later cried :"But Jesus made me, so Jesus save me from pity, sympathy and people discussing me a frame of useless limbs what can make good of the bad that's been done?" November Spawned a Monster – Morrissey

As predicted and without hesitation its here, November, All Saints Day, Guy Fawkes, Remembrance Day, Stir up Sunday and Christingle just some of the many events and traditions this month has to offer. The dark nights are set in, the wind blows from the north and many predict snow and a harsh winter to come so something to look forward to then!! By the time we next meet up advent will have begun and Christmas will just be a stone’s throw away. Don’t forget next month is double issue so get in all your December and January events and what’s on.

Front Cover of Magazine:


“Pumpkin” by Henry Saunders (Winner of The Witham Staple cover design competition 2013 for 7 and under)

@ @ @

History of the Bassingham Post Office

28th December 1846 the Post Office was opened at Bassingham with Mr. W. Boole as postmaster and he lived at what is now 14 Newark Road. The late Mrs. Tarrant, who lived in the house in 1946 describes a window in one corner of the sitting room which had opaque glass and one of the bottom panes slid to one side to open and it is thought this is where stamps were sold. There was also evidence at the front of the house that a post box had been removed. In 1896 John Enderby was sub postmaster in what is now known as Green’s Stores, he was followed by Mr. Morshead and finally by Mr. Robert (Bob) Green. Up to recent months you could see the old doorway into the Post Office. In 1896 Miss Louise Hammond was telegraphist at the new premises. In those days proficiency in using the morse code was essential. In 1971 Mr. Fred Knight who lived at what is now 25 High Street, retired from the Airforce and he and his wife Stella, had a purpose built Post Office erected in the corner of their garden and transferred the business from Greens Stores. Mr. Knight died in 1996 and when Stella died in 1998 Ann, who had been a great help to Stella, took over the reins and has continued to serve the community very well together with her able assistants. The mail used to be delivered to and sorted in the Post Office and the outgoing mail was stamped

October, 2013. Helen Ash

@ @ @

Can You Help? Do you Know?

Two postcards have been found, allegedly taken in Carlton le Moorland and present rather a mystery. The exact location of both cards is unknown. One of the gentlemen on horse back is supposedly a Colin Campbell esq. This could well be the same gentleman on the other postcard, but taken on a different occasion. These have been circulated in the Staple in the hope that a reader could offer any explanation as to dates, locations and the names of any of the huntsmen or onlookers. Images of the two postcards are shown below:

If anyone can shed any light on the postcards please call Janet on 789283 or contact the editor, thank you.

@ @ @

Extract from Police Report

The crime statistics for the year to date from last month end are:

Hykeham Rural a drop of 12% in recorded crime with a detection rate of 29%

The crime of shed and garage breaks has affected both areas of Town and Rural, the target of which as before, has been push bikes and tools. There has been one arrest and that offender received an eight week prison sentence. This was due to a number of good stop checks by the Teams, on those offenders who we know are active. It’s still warm at night, so the excuse of walking around the streets, in and out of gardens with gloves on because it’s cold, does not really work!

It is encouraging for me to see that the community are calling in suspicious activity, this coupled with local intelligence and the growth of the Lincs Alert membership, has enabled me to direct the Teams to patrol proactively. We are continuing to patrol the areas in plain clothes and on push bikes during the hours of darkness, in response to reported crime.

The rural areas have had sporadic crimes, with a shed break on Lincoln Lane (Thorpe on the Hill), Satterley Close (Witham St Hughs), Eagle Road (Swinderby), and Hodson Close (Skellingthorpe).

Burglary and Vehicle crime in our community is down overall by an average of 50% and as I have said in previous reports, it is important that opportunity crime is limited by ensuring that doors and windows are closed and locked, especially as the evenings draw in earlier. As we conduct our patrols at night, it is obvious that the people we check are out walking the streets looking for easy targets.

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The Natural World Centre: "FARM THE LAND" Take part in your local heritage

Opening in 2014, The Natural World Centre will host an exhibition that depicts Lincolnshire’s agricultural heritage and will be made up from contributions from the public. So far there has been incredible support from local residents and communities including poets, artists and photographers; Ray Brewer, a born and bred Lincolnshire-man will also be sharing his memories as a child growing up on Mill Lane Farm in Eagle.

Event organisers are currently collecting contributions which will be displayed within the exhibition; these can be in the form of photographs, memorabilia, artefacts, videos or anything else you feel is relevant! We would also like to hear from people who are inspired by the local farming landscape to write poetry or to paint and who would like the opportunity to show their work to a wider audience.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the exhibition are asked to provide some information about them and their contribution including the relevance your family and your contribution has to farming. If your contribution are paintings or poetry, please include an artist statement or a little about your creative background. If anyone would like to provide photographs but feel they are too precious, please still bring them in and we can scan them for you.

Please note all contributors must be able to bring in items early-mid December, ready to be put on display in the New Year. For further information, or if you have anything you would like to contribute, include or show, please contact Ann Worrell on 688868 or email whisby.exhibitions@litc.org.uk In fact, if you feel you can contribute in any way, please contact us.

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December 2013

Editorial: We have almost reached the end of yet another year! Advent has begun. The Witham Staple Committee would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who gave their time each month in 2013 to help produce and deliver The Witham Staple to over 2400 homes within the eight villages. We hope that it also proves to be a special time for everybody and we wish all our readers, contributors and advertisers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Front Cover of Magazine:



Christmas Window by Paul Hubbard

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Witham St Hughs Children's Centre Raised Money at Children in Need Event

The Pop in and Play baby and toddler group run by local parents at the Witham St Hughs Children's Centre, raised over £69 for Children in Need. On Friday 15th November a Children in Need fun day was held. All the children dressed in something spotty and the normal entry fee of £1 per family was donated to charity. Money was also raised through a raffle, cake sale and the children paid 20p to decorate biscuits. See photograph of event below:

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Free Health Walks in North Kesteven

North Kesteven Social Strollers is a free health walk scheme and is available to all. A health walk is a purposeful, brisk walk undertaken on a regular basis which is designed for the purpose to improve an individual’s health.

There are walks available 7 days a week in a range of locations, pick an NK Social Strollers leaflet or visit www.nkoutreach.co.uk for information. Walks range in distance and ability. These are gentle 30 to 45 minute gentle paced walk, stroll a 1 hour brisk walk and striders a 1½ hour brisk walk. All our walks are lead by one of our friendly, experienced and qualified volunteer health walk leaders. Please call us prior to any walk as time and meeting points may vary.

Does a walk need setting up in your area?

We are always interested in setting up new walks and getting more people involved. If you think where you live should have a walk, please call or email us and we can look in to arranging something.

If you would like further information, please contact Carly Togher on 870252 or email nkhealthandsports@litc.org.uk. You can also find regular updates on facebook, twitter @nkhealthwalks or on the NK Outreach website www.nkoutreach.co.uk

The NK Social Strollers is a part of the NK Outreach Team and now have 15 regular health walks in North Kesteven, with regular walkers and volunteers.

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Hello to you all, since my last update on the 9th October, the clocks have gone back and we have had the Halloween and Bonfire Night celebrations. The preparation leading up to these events was started by the teams some weeks ago and the nights passed with no reported incidents of anti social behaviour (If it happened to you and you didn’t report it, you really should do, because it informs me on how to direct my teams), this will be down to the increased patrols and our shop keepers awareness of egg selling. Though this did not stop a youth who attempted to buy 50 eggs from a local store that evening. Part of me wants to believe that he had watched the Great British Bake off and he was a Paul Hollywood wannabe, but then my Police Sergeant part takes over and sees it for what it is!

Our crime figures year to date are looking positive: Hykeham Rural is shown as having a reduction of 30 crimes, with a detection rate of 27%. These figures will improve, as is the way with Year to Date comparisons, this time last year North Hykeham Town was suffering with a series of commercial burglaries and the rural areas with metal thefts. These offences are now not as prevalent, so the performance figures will improve over the forth coming weeks, please allow for discrepancies in my statement, should it become a “Michael Fish”.

We have experienced serious and acquisitive crime this review period, with reported burglary on Caesar Road, Thorpe Lane, Sands Lane (Carlton le Moorland), Vulcan Crescent, Millbrook Close, Augustus Close, and Newark Road. Lincoln CID are conducting the enquiries, and my teams are looking at the local intelligence and working up the crime pattern analysis. Which brings me on to my laboured point of ……. “At this time of the year, with the darker evenings, brings with it opportunistic criminals, who will look for cars, homes and gates, that have been left unlocked or open, for the chance of a swift entry to steal. The team continue to push out the home security message, but we still have reports of insecurity crime!” There are exceptions of course, but one door or window left open, will lead to the rest of the street being tested. Last year nearly 60% of crime (Burglary & Theft from cars) in our communities was as a result of insecurity….. deep breath and move on.

That being said, there has been an arrest of a local North Hykeham male for multiple theft from motor vehicles in our area, it’s a positive result, and supportive of our efforts to catch those responsible for crime. The male has been charged with 33 offences and is awaiting a court attendance. The Information Sharing Agreements (ISA’s) are in the process of being signed off by the store owners and the police. This will facilitate the passing of information on known active criminals to the shops by my teams, in an effort to drive down the shoplifting trend, which will just be in time for the Christmas rush.

I have been out and about on foot patrol a lot recently and I welcome the comments received from those that I met as I plodded around in my helmet. I encourage you to tell me and the teams what your issues and views are, it is this feedback that will guide me to steer the teams in our patrol activity. I recently required a silver PCSO marked car, with a bike rack, this will allow the teams to go out further on their pushbikes, or at least spend more time out there, rather than pedal out from the North Hykeham police station.

I discovered this week that the Police Station on Chatsworth Drive has been here since 1955, which accounts for the odours coming from the fridge. So 2015 will be our 60th anniversary. If any of you have any memories or photographs of the police station here, or the former ones on Langley Road or Station Road, please share them with me, either hail me down in the street, or through contact on my details below.

Sadly I need to inform you that PCSO Dave Keightley is leaving us next week to work for Nottinghamshire Police, so with my current levels of PCSO’s, I have had to “amalgamate” the teams so that I can achieve the objectives of my visibility cycle. So you will be seeing some new faces on the beat areas in the coming months, the next recruitment for PCSO’s are scheduled for the start of the New Year, so in real time we should have them on the streets by Easter. How many and who, I do not know yet, but I will let you know.

Sgt 803 Jon Hammond

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Can you help? - Fishing Materials Stolen from Witham St Hughs on 16th November

Taken from outside 5 Cheshire Lane, Witham St Hughs LN6 9GE on 16/11/13 between 09.30 and 4pm. Black Shakespeare beta fishing box with backrest. contents of 4 penn 525 sea fishing multiplier reels, headlights, weights, rigs etc.

Please contact Shaun Jones with any information Tel: 07860 819700

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‘From firewood to free thinking’ one organisation’s journey to using sustainable British timber in affordable social housing and cutting edge Eco-design.
We manage our own wood and also 600 acres for various other agencies and this involves a lot of thinning, coppicing and felling with the end result being timber. Initially this was sold as firewood but although that brought in a small income it somehow didn’t seem to fit our holistic approach involving growth, sustainability and making a lasting difference. We started producing our own sawn timber for construction purposes as we wanted it to benefit many people and also to have a positive impact; to this end we started constructing timber buildings on our own site, not with commercial tradesmen but with our own Rangers and learners. Productivity was sometimes slow but it was always with the mind set that as long as it was positive progression in terms of learner development alongside the growth of a building then that was reason enough. The analogy of the growth of a tree that has to set down its roots and slowly matures and becomes long lasting and stable is clichéd, I know, but valid nevertheless. We feel very strongly that the natural world is inextricably linked to positive human growth and mental stability and perspective. Although successful we still felt that we could make an even more profound impact on the lives of young people that we felt were in most need.
More housing is needed that is affordable, but why build new when there are so many properties that are unoccupied in this country? The Empty Homes project germinated; we talked about it, we designed it we grew the trees, cut them down and built it, we changed lives along the way and the end product changed one person’s life forever and will do the same for many more. The Project involved buying and renovating houses in Gainsborough in one of the most deprived wards in the country; we utilised our own skilled Rangers and offered an apprenticeship to a young man who was local to the area and wanted a career in general building work. The project was daunting, each property needed completely gutting, but again it was a demonstration that even if something seems completely lost if you strip it back and give it firm foundations then recovery is possible. The buildings slowly took shape, our timber used in a variety of ways, from studding and skirting to hazel rods for curtain poles and a beautiful wooden spiral staircase that provided the central feature in the property. Once finished it was simply stunning, walking in off a terraced street into a modern, super insulated bespoke space, dominated by our wood was like walking into another world. The smell and feel of the wood that had been crafted by the apprentice gave a feeling of hope and achievement; bring a little of the outside world inside and look what can be achieved. The young man, who was homeless, was offered a room in the new house along with two other similar young people and to see the look of pride and ownership on his face was final vindication that if you mirror what happens in nature and offer firm foundations then growth and development out of what sometimes seems small and insignificant is possible. From little acorns………
But how do you go about changing things that seem insurmountable?… you start small and take small steps; you hope that your passion, drive and commitment will drag people along with you and they will share in your vision. The growth can then become exponential, it is everywhere in nature, tenacity, determination it’s called the survival instinct and its power is unparalleled. There are thousands of empty, dilapidated houses and lots of people without homes, but one is now complete and it is beautiful and it is somebody’s home. It is contemporary and features natural wood not woodchip magnolia. It has given one young man hope, but more importantly he is now sharing that hope with his contemporaries, and other people have started to renovate their properties on the same street and are mimicking our lead in terms of Eco design.
250 years ago the acorn rolled around in the dirt but then someone picked it up and planted it knowing full well he would never see it’s full potential, and so it will be in Gainsborough, seeds have been planted and the growth is slow but it has started and with our social conscience and environmental beliefs we will ensure its success.
Hill Holt Wood has proved that Good can come from Wood.
Oliver Woodman Operations Manager


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