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Emergency Contact List:

In the case of serious emergencies dial 999.

Further assistance may be provided through the following contacts depending upon the circumstances:

The Hykeham Rural South Neighbourhood Policing Team contact details are:

North Hykeham Police Station, Chatsworth Drive,

North Hykeham, Lincoln LN6 8LD

24hours Non-emergency Number Tel: 101

PC 1316 Marc HORSEWOOD 07810 056 441

PCSO 2120 Sarah LINGARD 07944 776 791

PCSO 2151 Jo MACKIE 07825 100 379

Email: hykehamruralnorth.npt@lincs.pnn.police.uk

Hykeham Town-Rural NPT @HykehamNPT

North Hykeham Police Team
You can email or call direct through to us on the above numbers, these are the mobiles held by the Beat Team when they are on duty. These numbers should not be used for reporting incidents or crimes.

Sgt. Jon Hammond is available on 07500 920 185 or email jon.hammond@lincs.pnn.police.uk

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Bassingham Surgery   

20 Torgate Lane, Bassingham, Lincoln, LN5 9HF


Reception/Appointments: 01522 788250

Prescriptions  01522 789307

When the surgery is closed you can get medical advice by ringing 111

The Bassingham Surgery Newsletter is now published on a regular basis in the Witham Staple Magazine.  It includes information from the newly formed Patient Participation Group.


Annual Flu Vaccination Clinic

Flu vaccinations will be arriving in the surgery at the end of September and we will be having our annual drop in clinic for eligible patients on:- Saturday 7th October 2017 between 9am and 2pm Those of you that have a vaccination each year will be able to attend the surgery’s drop in clinic. Don’t forget your reading glasses as usual there will be paperwork to complete! We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. Eligible patients are those aged 65 years and over, patients with long term medical conditions such as asthma, diabetes, heart conditions, cancer, suppressed immunity, pregnant women. If you have been newly diagnosed with a medical condition and you are uncertain whether you are eligible please ask. Patients having chemotherapy treatments may like to discuss this with their consultant to make sure that the vaccination would be appropriate. Younger children will be offered a vaccination but as yet we do not have the full details of which children will be eligible.


Patient Reference Group

If you feel you would like to have some involvement in decisions made by the practice’s Patient Participation Group but do not have a lot of time to spare to attend meetings etc, we would like to invite you to participate in our Patient Reference Group (PRG), this involves patients responding to an occasional short questionnaire which will be emailed to you in order to help us monitor what our patients think about the practice. Any feedback received from our Patient Reference Group Members will be passed to the Patient Participation group. Information and ideas will be discussed at their meetings and considered for further action and development.

If you wish to be involved in either of the groups please contact the surgery on 788250 or via the feedback facility on our website www.bassinghamsurgery.co.uk and let us have your details along with your email address.

Using SystmOnLine

SystmOnLine is a facility within the practice’s clinical computer system that offers patients the opportunity to order their repeat medication, update their address and contact details and manage/book GP appointments. If you are interested in making use of this facility you will need to register by asking at reception for a username and password. In order for us to comply with rules regarding confidentiality we cannot post out this information or hand it to anyone other than yourself, so you must apply in person. Once this is done you can access SystmOnLine via a link on the practice website.

Text message reminders

If you have a mobile telephone number registered with the practice and you would be happy to receive text message reminders when you book appointments please let our receptionists know. Details of your verbal consent will then be added to your record which will enable automated reminders which will then be sent to your mobile telephone whenever you book GP and nurse appointments at the surgery.

Telephoning the surgery with routine enquiries or for test results

If you have an enquiry regarding your care and you wish to telephone the surgery, please could we ask that you telephone between the hours of 10am and 1pm and 3pm and 4pm. This will help our staff to manage the workload better at the busier times of day.

Patient Confidentiality

Please be aware that if a patient is aged 16 or over we can only discuss information with the patient unless we have written consent from the patient. For reasons of confidentiality we are unable to disclose results or any other information to anyone other than the patient, please do not be offended if we decline your enquiry for this reason.

Collection of Medications from the Dispensary

All patients that order repeat medications from the dispensary please ensure collection between 3 and 10 days after your order is placed. In order to reduce waste, please only order the medication you need. Presently uncollected medication can remain in the dispensary for 6 weeks maximum before being returned to stock or having to be destroyed due to expiry dates. Your co-operation will be greatly appreciated.

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Display Your House Number!

Please use your house number and not only a name. It is not serious if a parcel cannot be delivered to your door, but one day it could be a matter of a life and death situation if the emergency services could not locate you house from the lack of a number.

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