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The Witham Staple is mandated to reflect what is happening in our Lincolnshire community (i.e. the villages of Aubourn, Bassingham, Carlton le Moorland, Norton Disney, Stapleford, Thurlby, Witham St Hughs and the rural areas surrounding these villages).

Animal by-Products Plant for Norton Disney

Leadenham and  Whisby Recycling Sites Closed!

Witham St Hughs Phase III Development

Bassingham Community Led Plan (CLP) Delivered

Bassingham Neighbourhood Plan

The Sustainable Bassingham Village Group

Building Proposal off Thurlby Road Bassingham (Rejected 10 March 2015 by NKDC Planning Committee)

Building Proposal for 38 Homes off Rinks Lane Bassingham

Carlton Le Moorland - Bassingham Pathway Link

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Animal By-Products Processing Facility Being Planned For Norton Disney

The Witham Valley Park Preservation Group (WVPPG) have continued to campaign against the proposed animal rendering factory at Norton Disney, which will potentially affect up to 10,000 people in the surrounding villages. Key events to date have included:-

Website: : Facebook:



[WS Jan 2018]


Lincoln Proteins Ltd (A Hughes and Son), Jerusalem Farm, Skellingthorpe, Lincoln are currently in the very earliest stages of preparing a planning application to redevelop the site at Villa Farm, Folly Lane, Norton Disney for a state-of-the-art animal by-products processing facility. They are holding a public exhibition on Wednesday 1st November between 10.30am and 7.30pm in Norton Disney Village Hall Members of the company’s development team will be on hand to discuss the plans in more detail and answer any question you might have. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposals at the event. Residents are encouraged to attend the event to find out what an animal by-products processing facility is and does and what effect it could have on the local environment. There are already plans to raise the profile of this impending planning application with the local MP and any other bodies of influence to attempt to prevent the development going ahead in what is otherwise a rural idyll. Any support from the local community would be very gratefully received.


Important Notice Issued to Local Households by Concerned Residents in the Norton Disney Community in October in Response

Dear Homeowner,

Last week, a few properties received a letter from a firm called Lincoln Proteins Limited advising that they intend to submit a planning application for a new animal by products processing plant at Villa Farm, Folly Lane, Norton Disney.

This would be a factory that receives lorries loaded with dead animals and waste products (many tonnes per day) and turns these into products like pet food or fertilisers. They have confirmed that this will include Category 1 waste, which is carcasses infected with dangerous communicable diseases such as TSE, BSE (mad cow disease) and so on.

They already have such a facility at Skellingthorpe. The smell that this produces all over that village is revolting — this is what is coming to Norton Disney unless we put a stop to it !

They have not yet put in a planning application but intend to do so very soon but the sooner they receive overwhelming opposition, the better. They have rented the Village Hall in Norton Disney for a "public exhibition" between 10:30am and 7:30pm on Wednesday 1st November 2017. They did not initially advise the Parish Council why they wanted to hire the hall.

Clearly the intention is to demonstrate to the Planning Committee that they were pro-active in consulting with the residents but at the same time, doing everything possible to keep it low-key so they can imply that we are all happy. We are not!

Please attend the "exhibition" and make your feelings firmly known. Your health and well-being may depend on it. An action group is being formed and will be formalised immediately after the "exhibition".

If you can get involved in any way, please send your address and details to

[WS Nov 2017]


The Witham Valley Park Preservation Group
The Witham Valley Park Preservation Group (WVPPG) is the new name for the residents and business owners who have come together to express concern around the proposed Animal Rendering Plant at Villa Farm, Norton Disney. You can join or find further information, including details on how to send feedback to the County Council’s Planning Department, at:
Twitter: @WithamValleyPPG
The group will be posting a monthly update intended to communicate facts and information that may be useful to its readership. A manager from Lincoln Proteins and a consultant from JH Walters attended the Norton Disney Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 15th November. Over 50 residents from the surrounding area attended. Many questions were asked during the 90 minute Q&A during which representatives from Lincoln Proteins and JH Walters acknowledged that:
 There will be an odour impact and a visual impact if this new plant goes ahead and that they are considered to be a ’bad neighbour’
 The proposed factory will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
 Lorries will be making deliveries through the night
 Up to 75 HGVs may enter and exit the plant each day, plus 40 additional vehicles
 Transport Assessments are still underway regarding the proposed A46 exit at Folly Lane but the current viewpoint is “few improvements will be required, if any.”
 Lorries will be permitted to cross the A46 dual carriageway
 This will be a CAT 1 plant which will process Specific Risk Material including spinal cords.
 The Skellingthorpe plant has received consistent complaints regarding odour
 The technology planned for the Villa Farm Plant is not currently used elsewhere in the UK (there is a plant is Serbia) and thus not tried and tested.
 The plant’s odour control technologies will not be in place for the lorries bringing in the dead animals
 According to the Lincoln Proteins manager, these lorries will smell - an ‘insurmountable problem’ as the vehicles are ‘the weakest link’.
 When pressed for exact chimney emissions, the company responded that it depends what is put through the system but may include sulphur dioxide (SO2) and ammonia
 The company believes the two Thermal Oxidizer machines in the factory will have 99% odour control effectively.
 When questioned re actual volume of gas the escaping 1% of odour equated to, Lincoln Proteins were not able to provide a figure
 The Flue height of the extraction chimney, visible to surrounding residents, has been increased since original plans were shared; this chimney will now be 25m tall
 Other site buildings will be up to 13m in height, 30m in width and 100m in length.
 A reduction in house price is not a valid reason for objecting to the Council against the proposal however it was acknowledged that it is likely to have an impact on house prices.
 Meeting attendees requested that a legally-binding financial agreement be put in place by Lincoln Proteins that guaranteed financial compensation if the air quality changed. This proposal will be taken back to their MD
Not all of the Specialist Reports have been received by Lincoln Proteins to date (as at 15th Nov) however the Planning Application is expected to be submitted before 25th Dec. 2017

[WS Dec 2017]

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Leadenham and Whisby Recycling Sites Closed 31st March 2016

Whisby Recycle Centre Closure Petition

A petition has been set up to reinstate Whisby waste facility following fears that the closure has put “enormous pressure” on the remaining waste disposal sites. The waste facility, which was owned by FCC Environment on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council, closed on Thursday 31st March, despite previous petitions to keep the facility open.

City and county councillor for Birchwood Rosanne Kirk has set up the latest petition due to fears that the closure will be “detrimental” to the environment. In two weeks, the petition has received almost 500 supporters, with many citing concerns over fly tipping. In the days following the tip’s closure, piles of waste have been dumped at the gates.

Petition link is:-

[WS May 2016]

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Leadenham and Whisby Recycling Sites
The battle to keep local cost-effective recycling sites has continued unabated. Thanks very much indeed for your supporting correspondence which was forwarded and received by the councillor responsible and the Leader. That was reported to the scrutiny committee last Friday. I attended and spoke on your behalf making the case loud and clear. We have a £476m budget, so saving £25k closing a facility used by 20,000 vehicles per day is just daft. That puts residents on a 20-30mile round trip each time, and that can't be helpful to the risk of fly-tipping. Not having rural facilities is a town centric approach, treating rural areas like second class citizens. We do not want to always have to go into increasingly congested Lincoln or Sleaford to deposit waste.
The responsible councillor, a member of the political administration under the Conservative County Council Leader, is expected to make the decision today, to coincide with the devolution announcements. That would close both sites from April 1st, unless we can get a rescue bid together. The Environment Agency today pointed out that the permit continues, and they will look at a plan if we submit one.
1,500 people signed the petition. Many people have written and offered to contribute to the costs, rather than a lengthy round trip. There are a number of Parish Councils whose parishioners benefit from using the Leadenham site. We need the Council to devolve the service, as they have done for other services. I and colleagues are here to give the project full support. I met with the Environment Agency and senior Council staff this morning. I can get professional help to get a business plan together. The Environment Agency will work with us. The service could be devolved to a lead Parish Council, with support from others, a voluntary or commercial body. We have a window of opportunity. Please give me a ring if you have a suggestion about this. 07920 235 364
Kind Regards,
Marianne Overton MBE [WS April 2016]
Independent Councillor for Branston and Navenby on Lincolnshire County Council

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Leadenham is local, cost-effective and very busy. Open Friday to Sunday 9am to 4pm well staffed by FCC who have the contract with our County Council. Thank you to the sixty people who turned out on a cold dark evening to hear about the possible closure of the site. Closing is estimated to save around £25K. Around 10,000 people live within reach of this site alone. We will need to drive 20 to 30 miles round trip with each load to Lincoln or Sleaford. Those sites are already quite congested, with a further 6,000 houses planned for Bracebridge Heath and a 58% increase in housing planned for Sleaford. The Leadenham site does need some improvements. However, the environment agency only requires the area under the skips to be sealed, not the whole site. Water is then collected, which could be done at the same time as the rest of the site. Last time this was raised, we did manage to keep the site open, in response to public outcry, but it is a little harder this time. Your support is needed. Please sign the petition and write to and If you copy me in, I can support you better.

Kind Regards, Councillor Marianne Overton MBE

A copy of the petition to sign

Possible Closure of Local Waste Recycling Centres

Sustainable Bassingham recently sent out an email urging us to object to the possible closures of Whisby and Leadenham Waste Recycling Centres, my initial reaction was to give my full support and fire off the appropriate email! I rely on the Leadenham centre a lot and find them to be the most helpful staff I have ever encountered at a dump, in fact if Trip Advisor did dumps they would get 5 Stars! However, the centre in Newark is larger and easier to get to from Bassingham - but you can't take a trailer unless you are a Nottinghamshire resident! I suspect the case for the possible closures is the environmental impact, lorries to take waste away, all the cars that use these excellent facilities etc. I do think if they close them we will see an increase in local fly tipping if better alternatives are not offered. So I sent my email to LCC asking they reconsider the possible closures, but offering my full support if they convince Newark to take our trailers.

M. Harries

[WS March 2016]

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Witham St Hughs Phase III Development

Pre-Application Community Consultation Event

Wednesday 20th May between 3pm and 7pm

In Witham St Hughs Village Hall

Strawsons Property are holding a consultation event to seek the views of the local community prior to submitting an outline planning application to North Kesteven District Council in late summer 2015. This consultation advances the previous community engagement undertaken by ATLAS in October 2013 and January 2014. Click below for a colour map of the proposed plan.

Indicative Masterplan - April 2015

The outline application will be for up to 1200 dwellings including a range of house types from family homes, through to bungalows and possible extra care accommodation. The development will be contained within an attractive network of formal and informal open spaces and retained woodland, connected by green footpath routes and cycleways. The proposals will provide for further enlargement of the Local Primary school and expansion of the current community facilities adjacent to the village hall which could include indoor recreation and a health centre facility. As this will be an outline application, the development will be guided by an overall site masterplan identifying land use areas rather than any detailed drawings of houses and community buildings at this stage. We look forward to the continued input and support from the community on the day.

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Bassingham Neighbourhood Plan - A Reminder and An Update (September, 2015)

In November last year a small working party was formed to manage and produce Bassingham’s own Neighbourhood Plan. This plan deals with planning and development issues in and around Bassingham for a period up to 2036 to link up with the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan.

It is important to remember that the Neighbourhood Plan IS NOT just another version of the COG. Whilst the COG did deal with some planning and development issues it will be the Neighbourhood Plan that will clarify and add legal weight to the views and wishes of the village in relation to planning and development.

So, in summary the Bassingham Neighbourhood Plan:

As part of the Plan’s preparation a number of village consultation events have to take place in addition to surveys. There will be a further survey coming out in the near future so please take the time to give us even more information.

It is really important that you get involved and have your say. It is YOUR plan and it is YOU that will help decide what happens in Bassingham.

Please register your e mail address on the Bassingham Parish Council website ( so you can get updates and see the minutes of the working party’s meetings taking the plan forward.

[WS Sep 2015]

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Bassingham Neighbourhood Plan

A Bassingham Neighbourhood Plan Development Group (BNPDG) has been established to develop the Neighbourhood Plan for the village. The Plan will form part of the planning framework for the District and is an important vehicle for ensuring that the interests and wishes of the community are clearly established. A Neighbourhood Plan is a community-led framework for guiding the future development, regeneration and conservation of an area and is primarily about the use and development of land. Drawing from residents’ consultation and feedback the Plan will set the foundations for informed decision making at local levels. It will also contribute positively to the wider perspective of appropriate and proportionate growth and enhanced living standards to ensure that the village retains its sustainability, character and appeal well into the future.

The activities of the Working Group are publicly funded with support provided by the ‘Supporting Communities in Neighbourhood Planning Programme’ led by Locality in association with RTPI/Planning Aid England and partners, available through the ‘My Community Rights’ website.

Provided it is successful at referendum, which must be held before a plan is adopted, the Neighbourhood Plan will be part of the statutory development planning for the Village. This statutory status gives Neighbourhood Plans far more weight than some other local documents, such as parish and community led plans. However, we will be taking account of recommendations and outcomes of the Bassingham Community Lead Plan, to be published shortly, where they are relevant. The designated area which the Plan will cover is land which is within the Bassingham Parish Boundary. The work of the BNPDG will be governed by a Constitution, Vision Statement, and Aims and Objectives. The draft Vision is “To create a strong and thriving community where our history and heritage are celebrated, our rural setting and character are preserved and enhanced for residents.”

The Aims and Objectives will focus on 4 key areas:

The Vision Statement and Aims and Objectives will form part of the Community Consultations which will be held to ensure that residents’ views are taken into account. These, together with the Constitution and an Action Plan will be posted on the Bassingham Parish Council website/; when they have been approved so you can see what we are about and monitor our progress.

As the Plan develops there will be plenty of information made available through the Bassingham Parish Council Website, noticeboards, events and other publicity.

If you have any questions about the plan or the work of the BNPDG please email  or write to BNPDG, c/o Bassingham Parish Council. The Hammond Hall, The Playing Field, Bassingham, Lincolnshire, LN5 9HQ. Telephone: 789758.

[WS Feb 2015]

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The Sustainable Bassingham Village Group

Who are we? A group of local residents who would like to see Bassingham continue to grow sustainably and who are concerned about the number and size of proposed developments in the village. We are doing what we feel is the right thing for the village and currently consist of:
Nick Bell, Darren Booker, Chris Booth, John Braithwaite, Mark Brown, Julie Church, Cathy Churchill, Sarah Coulson, Colin Coulson, Patrick Doody, Mary Green, Elaine Harris, Jane Jones, Emily Markham, Owen Mathias, Steve McCracken, Terry Paling, Gail Pessol, Carol Ritchie, David Wall, David Williams.
We can be contacted at  and are also developing a website.
We have met a several times now and are looking to engage the services of an external planning consultant to advise us the best way to maintain the existing character of our village for the benefit of its residents.

Latest Proposed Development - 38 New Homes
Lindum Homes have proposed 38 new homes off Whites Lane in Bassingham and there was a consultation in October to hear the views of local residents. Be aware that such events only assist the developer in shaping their plans. All objections should to be submitted to NKDC once a planning application has been submitted. We are able to offer you guidance for these objections.
Please bear in mind that NKDC has identified Bassingham as a ‘Limited Growth Village’…suitable for developments of ‘….up to 9 dwellings’

Neighbourhood Plan
Approx 100 residents attended the Bassingham Parish Council in October 2014 to propose a ‘Neighbourhood Plan’. We would like to thank those who attended and also the Parish Council for being receptive to such a large number of visitors. A Neighbourhood Plan would allow a local committee significant say in what developments happen and where. If you would like to be involved in this initiative or would like further information please email

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Building Proposal off Thurlby Road Bassingham - Rejected by NKDC Planning Committee

On 10th March 2015 the NKDC Planning Committee voted UNANIMOUSLY to REJECT the Gladman Planning Application of 120 homes on Thurlby Road!

Mary Green of Sustainable Bassingham delivered a fantastic objection overview and even handled some questions from District Councillors. Roger Baker spoke on behalf of the Parish Council who was forthright in his objections on behalf of the village.

One by one each of the NKDC Councillors found holes in the Gladman Application most sighting issues with the sheer scale of the development along with the detrimental impact this development would have on our community. Each Councillor saw sense and sighted legal planning issues to back up their decision.


This outcome followed a six month campaign of objections by a large number of individual Bassingham residents, supported by Sustainable Bassingham and the Bassingham Parish Council. More than 300 written objections were submitted to NK District Council regarding this proposal. A large contingent of Bassingham residents, coordinated by Sustainable Bassingham, attended the NK Planning Committee meeting to emphasize their objections.  That contingent made its feeling clear by clapping vigorously following the objection representations delivered by Mary Green and Roger Baker, and at the rejection decision taken by the NKDC Planning Committee.


The village is also in the process of coordinating its opposition against another planning proposal (Lindum’s Planning Application to Build 38 New Homes off Rinks Lane), and Sustainable Bassingham anticipates an ongoing campaign against future planning applications of a similar nature that attempt to turn this rural village into a pseudo-urban area. This highlights the urgency of the ongoing work towards the completion and acceptance of Bassingham's Neighbourhood Plan.

Sustainable Bassingham

March 2015

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Local Plans and Site Allocations

The Central Linc’s Strategic Planning Committee, of which I am a member, comprises the districts of North Kesteven, West Lindsey and Lincoln City. We aim to develop a comprehensive plan for sustainable growth up to 2036. Planning shapes the environment that we live in, where we work, shop and play. It also determines where new homes, offices, shops and leisure facilities go. What you, the community thinks, matters and we want you to have your say.

There are local consultations planned later in the year which we hope you will attend. Or perhaps you will go to your parish council meeting where site allocations are sure to be on the agenda at some point. This is your chance to be involved in possible development in your village!

Cllr Pat Woodman MBE

Bassingham Community Plan Scheduled for Later in 2014

The Community Options Group would like to thank all those who completed the recent village questionnaire for Bassingham. In total approximately 400 questionnaires were returned which is an excellent response. Following the collation of all the data from the questionnaires the group will commence the task of analysing the results. This will then lead, later in the year, to the production of the Bassingham Community Plan.

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Carlton Le Moorland - Bassingham Pathway Link

The last of the seats and artworks are now installed at points along the Pathway. The Pathway Group hopes that they will add to the interest and enjoyment of people walking and cycling along the route.

The oak seat in the middle field with carvings of the green man has been made by Hill Holt Wood from oak grown in the wood.

The wagon seat was made by Anwick Forge and is modelled on the traditional Lincolnshire horse-drawn farm wagon. These were traditionally painted orange in this county!

The wood sculptures are all by local sculptor Nigel Sardeson:

the owl on the post at the Eastgate end is a tawny owl;

a little owl sits on the post at the Carlton end of the route.

You can sit on the crouching hare near Torgate Lane if you like.

The life-sized Shire horse surely steals the show. His body is made of cedar and his legs of oak. You can safely stroke his nose or pat his neck, but its best not to stand too close to his hind legs!

The Pathway Group AGM

Thursday 22nd November at 7.30pm

Carlton le Moorland Village Hall

~ Everybody is welcome to attend ~

[WS Nov 2012]

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